1 describe one exit strategy an organization may use when things go wrong in a foreign country

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The Taliban are increasingly viewed as a force for national liberation among different tribal groupings. Although there are no crystal balls, if the answer is an outcome that is worse than staying, then the prudent course is not to stand down until the fog clears.

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There is less due diligence required. As British troops approached Baghdad, Iraqi soldiers and police carried out a final act of official butchery, slaughtering hundreds of Iraqi Jews. To ensure your company speaks with one voice and delivers a clear consistent message, a spokesperson must be identified as well as prepared to answer media questions and participate in interviews. Pros The owner will be on the cover of Newsweek. While political leaders will want to ponder these questions before an intervention, it is hubris to assume that they can be definitively answered beforehand — before, that is, the new facts on the ground created by and in response to the intervention have been assessed. You see, it's not enough to build a business worth a fortune; you have to make sure you have an exit strategy, a way to get the money back out. Acquisitions are frequently accompanied by noncompete agreements and other strings that, while making the owner rich, can make life unpleasant for a while.

This used to be the preferred mode, and the quick way to riches. If a business is basically profitable but the debt situation is due to an unusual circumstance, such as a lawsuit or a temporary industry slowdown, this could be a successful solution.

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The ideal buyer is someone who has more skills and interest on the operational side of the business, and can scale it. Family succession is the transference of leadership from one generation to the next to ensure continuity of family ownership in the business. Fearing another Vietnam-style disaster if U. Even three years is a long time to wait for any pay check. Benson and Christopher B. Sunk costs, exit, and uncertainty When is it prudent to dispose of a failing enterprise or investment, including an intervention that has turned sour? Selling to a Friendly Buyer. Selling in the open market is the most popular exit strategy for small businesses. An impression of weakness or unwillingness to persist under adversity can embolden adversaries, rightly or wrongly. The stock will be worth in the tens—or even hundreds—of millions of dollars. This normally means merging with a similar company, or being bought by a larger company. If management buys the business, it has a commitment to make it work. It's a win-win for everyone involved. They invest to make not only a profit but also returns that are substantially greater than those found in the market.

There are millions of companies in the U. To paraphrase Rabbi Teitelbaum, disengagement is no different from a giant boulder teetering on the side of a mountain. Cons If you organize your company around a specific be-acquired target, that may prevent you from becoming attractive to other acquirers.

I don't know anyone who's founded a business planning to liquidate it someday, but it happens all the time. Time Warner recently announced that they're thinking of spinning off AOL, almost exactly five years after the two companies merged.

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Jerome A. What is most important is that you create the crisis management plan when everything is running smoothly and everyone involved can think clearly. I don't recommend this approach to startups these days. The owner can accomplish this process by setting up an employee stock option plan ESOP , a stock equity plan that lets employees buy ownership in the business. Before a crisis strikes, business owners should think about how a disaster would impact employees, customers, suppliers, the general public and their company's value. It also made Vietnamization an untenable strategy. Debt negotiations, operational improvements, or business turnaround and restructuring are alternatives to bankruptcy. Imagine their surprise when investors in a small business I once worked for received the company's internal loan repayment spreadsheet, showing that the business owner was pulling out bucks by paying his family exorbitant interest on loans while investor loans were repaid at rock-bottom rates over as long a time period as possible. If the owner organizes the business around a specific acquirer, the business may be unattractive to other buyers.

James Group, accessed February 6,www. An effective strategy should be flexible and resilient, and based on the achievement of specific, clearly defined milestones rather than the clock.

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In Afghanistan we are not there yet. Although a full review of these debates is outside of the scope of this essay, it is worth noting that some of the major independent studies, which have looked at the mission in some detail, generally tend to share the view that the overall picture is mixed if not worse.

There is less due diligence required.

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In an acquisition, the owner negotiates the price—a good thing because public markets value a business relative to its industry, which limits the value of a business. Cons Get real; it's a waste! Although a full review of these debates is outside of the scope of this essay, it is worth noting that some of the major independent studies, which have looked at the mission in some detail, generally tend to share the view that the overall picture is mixed if not worse. You call that a life? Convince them you're worth a billion dollars, and they'll gladly break out their employer's checkbook. There followed a second British occupation of the country that lasted until In Afghanistan we are not there yet. As we have seen repeatedly in successive interventions, if efforts to secure a stable security environment fail or are delayed by a growing insurgency, other functions — such as the holding of parliamentary or presidential elections or the pursuit of specific development activities — can be derailed. Once public, you bow and scrape to the analysts. George W. Reputation matters for states.
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