A biography of benito mussolini an italian leader during second world war

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He was now an official member of the Italian government. In , the Fascist Party was invited to join the coalition government. But with the rain pouring down he was content to leave the heavy marching to others and took an express train into Rome. This did nothing to improve his behaviour and before long he was again expelled, this time for threatening another student with a knife. The country was in a state of near anarchy, with rampant inflation and unemployment driving people to despair. While engaging in political demonstrations, he caught the attention of Swiss authorities and was eventually expelled from the country. However, in order to stall for time, he kept up the ruse of alliance with Hitler.

He was left with at least 40 shards of metal in his body. He was also short sighted but too vain to wear glasses.

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Meanwhile, Mussolini was being held at a resort-turned prison at Campo Imperatore in the Alps. Thereafter he This was his initial line.

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As the Allies advanced northwards through Italy, Mussolini fled towards Switzerland. Early victories became defeats as the Italian army became spread out across a number of fronts.

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Hitler would have none of it.

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Biography of Benito Mussolini, Italian Fascist Dictator