A summary of siddhartha a novel by herman hesse

Siddhartha believes his father has already passed on all the wisdom their community has to offer, but he longs for something more.

siddhartha summary chapter 1

Siddhartha explains that neither he nor anyone can teach the wisdom to Govinda, because verbal explanations are limited and can never communicate the entirety of enlightenment. He is spiritually dissatisfied and believes the elders in his community have nothing more to teach him.

The boy, though, refuses to accept Siddhartha as his father and consequently does nothing he is told. Questions or concerns? Siddhartha continues on to a large town where he sees a beautiful woman being carried on a sedan chair by her servants.

After interacting with the ordinary people of the town for some time, Siddhartha realizes that his past as a Samana has driven a wedge between them and him.

Before she dies, she tells Siddhartha that he is the father of her eleven-year-old son. The pain of losing his son was long-lasting for Siddhartha. He decides to follow this new path. Govinda and Siddhartha have both finally achieved the enlightenment they set out to find in the days of their youth.

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Siddhartha (novel)