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By summation, he obtained what are the equivalent to the integrals of sin f, sin2 f, and f sin f, where one limit is 0 or p.

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If one chooses suitable lines of the Pascal-figures as lines at infinity one gets many interesting figures on parabolas and hyperbolas. He now took up his old life again, and made several experiments on the pressure exerted by gases and liquids; it was also about this period that he invented the arithmetical triangle, and together with Fermat created the calculus of probabilities.

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Although Pascal was interested in problems of the vacuum from , his bad health often burdened his research. This means that when n is fixed and r runs from 0 to n, the successive binomial coefficients are obtained. This was realised by Pascal, whose first lemma states the theorem for a circle. Four years later, in , Roberval found the area of the cycloid; Descartes thought little of this solution and defied him to find its tangents, the same challenge being also sent to Fermat who at once solved the problem. Events of were very significant for the young Pascal. The numbers in each line are what are now called figurate numbers. Pascal employed his arithmetical triangle in , but no account of his method was printed till Descartes visited Pascal on 23 September.

This naturally excited the boy's curiosity, and one day, being then twelve years old, he asked in what geometry consisted. A short elementary proof of Pascal's theorem in the case of a circle was found by van Yzerenbased on the proof in Guggenheimer Another proof for Pascal's theorem for a circle uses Menelaus' theorem repeatedly.

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Galileo, in , had called attention to this curve, the shape of which is particularly graceful, and had suggested that the arches of bridges should be built in this form. He worked on conic sections and produced important theorems in projective geometry. Fermat, Barrow, and Pascal all recognized the looseness of their work on summation, but believed that one could make precise proofs in the manner of Archimedes. Blaise Pascal's father had unorthodox educational views and decided to teach his son himself. Sometime around then he nearly lost his life in an accident. The letters were written in the summer ofonly months before the traumatic carriage accident. If God does not exist, one will lose nothing by believing in him, while if he does exist, one will lose everything by not believing. Etienne Pascal died in September and following this Blaise wrote to one of his sisters giving a deeply Christian meaning to death in general and his father's death in particular. Pascal's famous theorem, also known as the Mystic Hexagram, states: If any six sided, six angled figure is inscribed in any conic section, and the sides of the hexagon thus produced are projected beyond the section, the pairs of opposite sides will meet in three points all of which lie on a straight line.

Regarding this as a divine intimation to proceed with the problem, he worked incessantly for eight days at it, and completed a tolerably full account of the geometry of the cycloid. A cone is constructed with a circle, a fixed point in space not in the plane of the circle, and a straight line through the point and the circumference of the circle.

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In The Generation of Conic Sections mostly completed by March but worked on again in and Pascal considered conics generated by central projection of a circle. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The Cayley—Bacharach theorem is also used to prove that the group operation on cubic elliptic curves is associative.

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