Business and cultural environments shape the

Cooperation with other countries- It also provide support in relation to the all the laws that are applicable in the European Union. They are providing a volume of 3. Competition that helps to determine the price and output decision is required to be made correctly. So merger can only be made if it does not exceed the limit of the merger.

In the given below is the diagram that shows that there is shortage in the supply of the goods that leads to market disequilibrium.

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Country economy has increased but its regulatory reforms are not as equivalent to that of pace of it. Amons Let all glorification. Customers perception of prices. Since there is a shortage of gross domestic product in Bangladesh the demand for goods and services are low here.

Saturation of its domestic market can force an organisation to seek overseas markets.

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Have a functioning market economy. Market disequilibrium is the situation when demand and supply do not meet at the given either due to excess or limited goods or services.

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Some multi nationals have turnovers larger Finally, she hangs him. For this purpose Ollo has already covered most of Dhaka with their service and still working to expand their service outside of the capital. Chaney, P. It takes into consideration all the guidelines of the competition policy so that no unfair advantages are used by it. Lead me in the way of life Where all righteousness abound. State aid to business- Financial support is given to the business by the European Union so that competition may be present in the economy with effective working in the market.
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Impact of culture on business