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Car wash business in Pakistan IMO is a waste of time and money unless you have some really odd plan of business.

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There are cases where car wash owners have built their business in an area which put them into direct competition with another car wash operation. Marketing Strategy Although, PSO is a nationwide organisation but it will start car wash services in the city of Islamabad because of several market benefits. Additionally, within our market area, which is determined by the industry to be a 3. We analyzed each facility's wash packages and then compared the price of the package to its service contents to make a qualitative determination on the quality of service provided versus the cost of the service. Car Butler is a new startup, so they obviously do not have the resources to gift free trials to every Tom, Dilshad and Haroon to help spread the word. Our system incorporates a three tier pricing scheme. Therefore, in keeping with our business objective of providing the highest quality service possible, we've decided to purchase the most technologically advanced conveyor and self-service equipment available. Annual Revenues In a cash business, such as a car wash, it is difficult to obtain accurate annual revenue figures for the industry as a whole, and especially for individual operations. Cost Control All fiscal control and accountability will rest with the management, who will be responsible for insuring that daily receipts are properly accounted for, properly documented, and deposited with a financial institution. We see ourselves playing an important part in community activities. Unlike waste water generated from residential car washing, which is discharged directly into storm sewers carrying contaminants directly into our local water ways, the wash water generated at The Dirt Buster will be recycled through a reclamation system. Additionally, adjacent to our car wash facility is a 13, square foot building. Unfortunately, what we discovered was that, in most cases, the service provided did not warrant the higher price charged to the customer. Discount Prices As part of our marketing strategy, we will at various times offer discounts on selected wash packages.

During traditional off-peak times we will schedule eight operational employees and one sales employee. First, older, established car washes do little to no advertising.

Second, we must cultivate and expand this customer base to ensure a long lasting and solid relationship with our repeat customers and continued vitality of the business with the addition of new customers.

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Self-service car wash customers use approximately 50 gallons per wash, resulting in a 75 percent water savings in comparison to residential automobile washing. Those that possess superior location produce sound financial pictures 99 percent of the time.

Business experience We lack daily experience in the industry, which our competitors have garnered over time. Our fixed expense figures are based upon actual figures gathered from local operators and our variable expenses are based upon a combination of industrial statistical averages and local operator figures.

We then highlighted the best qualities of each package and built our own unique pricing scale, which we believe fairly balances quality and price. While not completely recession proof, the industry has retained a very strong financial picture through difficult economic times created by the prevailing economic downturn, even managing to increase revenues by 10 percent in each of the last three years.

Each car wash facility we studied produced a profit, including the two newer facilities. Research in the industry reveals specific types of car wash facilities appeal to different social groups. Competitors' Prices Although we do not have any competitors in our target market to use as a guide for establishing our pricing system, we did evaluate several pricing schemes to assist us in developing one appropriate for The Dirt Buster.

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Car Wash Marketing Plan