Child essay ignorance prejudice

Hence, I agree with the quotation that prejudice is the child of ignorance.

Most kids get their prejudice roots from their parents at a very young age; it can come from a ton of different situations where the parent makes a comment, joke, etc, about a certain group. In the same way, animals were created to express emotions. Even men of science, after they have gone over the proofs a number of times, abridge the process, and jump at a conclusion: is it therefore false, because they have always found it to be true? I kind of hit a rabbit trail there, but you can understand: it is very hard for certain ethnic groups to overcome. That is, the whole of the Catholic faith, 'that one entire and perfect chrysolite,' appeared to them so completely without flaw and blameless, that they could not conceive how any one else could imagine it to be otherwise, except from stubbornness and contumacy, and would rather admit to avoid so improbably a suggestion that men went to the stake for an opinion, not which they held, but counterfeited, and were content to be burnt alive for the pleasure of playing the hypocrite. This would, in turn, generate smarter kids from the educational system: kids that try. Each predicament of one has a huge influence on how the wisdom is obtained. Bigotry and intolerance, which pass as synonymous, are, if rightly considered, a contradiction in terms; for if, in drawing up the articles of our creed, we are blindly bigoted to our impressions and views, utterly disregarding all others, why should we afterwards be so haunted and disturbed by the last, and to wish to exterminate every difference of sentiment with fire and sword? To reduce things to the scale of abstract reason would be to annihilate our interest in them, instead of raising our affections to a higher standard; and by striving to make man rational, we should leave him merely brutish.

A peasant is able to foretell rain from the appearance of the clouds, because time out of mind he has seen that appearance followed by that consequence; and shall a pedant catechise him out of a conviction which he has found true in innumerable instances, because he does not understand the composition of the elements, or cannot put his notions into a logical shape?

Compellingly, in practically all schools the topic of racism is notably prevalent. But for what reason?

Child essay ignorance prejudice

Hobbes used to say, that if he had read as much as others, he should have been as ignorant as they. If I am required to prove the possibility, or demonstrate the mode of whatever I do before I attempt it, I can neither speak, walk, nor see; nor have the use of my hands, senses, or common understanding.

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The priests and politicians, in former times, were therefore wise in preventing the first approaches of innovation and inquiry; in preserving inviolate the smallest link in the adamantine chain with which they had bound the souls and bodies of men; in closing up every avenue or pore through which a doubt could creep in, for they knew that through the slightest crevice floods of irreligion and heresy would rush like a tide.

The story To Kill A Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, the story expressed the character Scout in her story throughout Alabama where racial profiling shapes society.

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