Decentralization 310

American Journal of Political Science 23, 3: — Google Scholar Lewis-Beck, Michael.

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Google Scholar Pharr, Susan J. Google Scholar Easton, David. Princeton, N.

Decentralization 310

Google Scholar Veliz, Claudio. Equally important, however, we also demonstrate that the renewed emphasis on local government can have the opposite effect of producingmore negative views of the political system when the performance of local institutions falters. Hiskey is assistant professor of political science at the Univeristy of California, Riverside. Our findings support the contention that decentralization can bolster citizen levels of system support at the national level. Bolivia, certezas e incertidumbres de la democracia. Google Scholar Kinder, Donald R. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Google Scholar Copyright information. Journal of Democracy 8, 1: — Will our collective action prove the opposite? Jukam, and Mitchell A. Google Scholar Vetter, Angelika.

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Project Evaluation Report February.

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