Education is not the key to success essay

However, I do believe that formal education has played a role in social integration and contributed to the blurring of ethnic lines in young nations.

education is the key to success article

Thai society believes that education is the key to make them or their child success in their life. I personally feel that success is measured by how much impact positive you have on the world when your story is over.

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Unlike what most individuals think that education is only formal whereby you need to acquire it in a class, school or university, I think education is everywhere. Most of them benefited from education when they were students. Due to this widely held perception, an uneducated man may feel inadequate and therefore find it difficult to voice his opinions even when he has a good point to make, and even when he really does have a good point, people may not put that much weight to his words.

Education is not the only way to success quotes

Education that promotes hands on skillset acquisition and experience that goes beyond the cramming of facts better prepares you for success. It 's not a bad option, despite many of us not being the ideal candidates, but it 's also not everyone 's ideal choice. Development in Developing Countries I am against the idea that formal education came to save developing countries whose people were disorganized savages constantly at war with each other. You may argue that this is not enough to stop a person from committing a crime, that there are also white collar crimes such as fraud and tax evasion. So education is important and is necessary, like again so your clueless about thing's. It also helps to have a nose for cash, as well as a deep fear of failure and a fighter spirit. The real key to success is our belief in ourselves , this is what enables us to tap deep into our cores and unleash our potential.

Formal education that purely tests on your effectiveness to remember a bunch of facts is not true education. We need insight into whatever we are doing so that we become a master of it hence success. Unfortunately, much attention is not given to that.

education is not necessary for success quotes

Most people are in school not because they want to but because they have been told that probably after getting through to the tertiary level they will get meaningful jobs to do then they have made it in life.

But is it the only way?

Education is not the key to success essay

A less educated person who has cultivated positive habits , for example waking up before daybreak, never letting himself slack off, and who is willing to go that extra mile to achieve his goals will certainly achieve success. It works the same way in life. But is it essential? There was a lot of competition in sports too. We have missed the real meaning of education. It also helps to have a nose for cash, as well as a deep fear of failure and a fighter spirit. Because of these forces now our country is safe and secure. First, we need to understand what type of education I am referring to in this context…going to school to acquire knowledge. Supreme Court on May 17, Thompson, All responses will be confidential. It is his thinking abilities which distinguished him from others and made him succeeded. On the other hand, you could skip formal education but set lofty goals that inspire you to work harder to attain them, so much so that you even create employment for the formally educated.
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Do we really Need Education to be Successful?