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But what Emily Dickinson is trying to say is that death is something that will have a huge impact for everyone and yet because it happens to all of us, it is ordinary and a part of life.

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In other poems, she seems to see Death as something frightening and demanding of one's faith. I have experienced my first funeral this summer, a very close friend of the families and mine.

At the end of this poem, the speaker finishes her expedition realizing that she has died many years ago. Likewise, her poems carry a message of the afterlife which is the new beginning for those who died.

Dickinson had a unique style of writing which pulled in influence from both the Romantic and Realist periods. We can find significance in this poem because it could serve as an example to find solitude in our busy world. A fairly longer poem that was secondly most liked is Because I could not stop for Death. Each poem allows us to see a personal side of her life or her thought or simply her ideas - all these components making up the poet and the woman. This is important to note because the world is filled with many people that never realize who they are and, as a result, never learn to appreciate their worth. Her father was a lawyer, a legislator and a rigorous Calvinist. We can see her hermit-like lifestyle reflected in "Some keep the Sabbath going to Church. One reason that her poetry succeeds is because she thought and wrote about aspects of life that are important to us. Her concept of hell is so gruesome that the only way she describes it is that we need to part from it. It is also important to realize that the poet did not stop her life for death - it had to stop for her.

In poem, Dickinson takes quite an existentialist perspective whereas she is questioning Similar Essays Emily Dickinson's Obsession With Death Essay words - 4 pages Emily Dickinson's Obsession with Death Emily Dickinson's obsession with death has puzzled scholars for many decades. Emily Dickinson also describes death as something that is unable to stop the flow of life.

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This is the subject that is influenced by the times. Dickinson, also, challenged the religious belief of her time.

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Growing up as a Puritan in Massachusetts, Emily Dickinson knew the bible, yet as an adult, she questioned that belief. The driver of the carriage is kind enough to stop at the house to allow the passenger one last look at her life before she is taken away. Not all of Dickinson's poetry had such a positive attitude toward death. Likewise, the experience of death of another person is momentary and does not stop life from unfolding. Emily Dickinson dedicated most of her privileged, reclusive life to her art. Dickinson was indeed a very insular person. She thought that staying at home accompanied by your own practices was just as acceptable. Dickinson entertains the notion of an afterlife but takes it one step further by forcing us to think about a different kind of afterlife than the one we have heard about in history.
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Death in Four Emily Dickinson Poems Essay