Essay on bad governance in pakistan

This sorry state of law and order scare the investors away from the country thereby severely harming the economy. The report said that the reason for the slow growth rate was bad governance.

Similarly, unemployment, illiteracy are other aspects which speak volume about sorry state of governance.

political crisis in pakistan essay

The region has been under the Indo- Pakistan conflicts and since partition of sub-continent into India and Pakistan, it has experienced three direct wars But when the institutions of accountability become subject to the will of the officials then the crisis becomes inevitable.

Good governance, in general, refers to the measures of a government which bring welfare to the public lives and state as a whole. Conclusion Pakistan is a state rich in resources and talent but badly governed.

Good governance essay with outline

Fifthly, lack of accountability further volatiles the crisis of good governance. Our country is suffering from weak institutional set-up, political instability, rampant corruption, lack of accountability and transparency and bad law and order situation. Pakistan suffers from a number of crises but the crisis of good governance is on top because it is the core of all other problems. Contrary to that, crisis of good governance is the continuous failure of a government to govern the state and its subjects effectively. Government needs to focus seriously on this issue to accomplish satisfactory results. Syed Hammad Ahmad March 05, Governance is the exercise of authority to address public affairs. Developing one city in any province at the cost of basic facilities, like hospitals, schools and colleges, clean drinking water etc. Even if the state officials are corrupt, the bad governance can be averted by holding them accountable.

Governance becomes good in democratic system for most of the times.

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Crisis of Good Governance in Pakistan