Greek weddings

The priest will then bless them three times. Some couples might still celebrate with this dance, which is also a way of gathering the customary wedding gifts of cash.

Given that rice is linked to fertility like all other seedsthe couple is wished for wealth! Iron is said to ward off evil spirits throughout the day.

What to wear to a greek island wedding

The same applies to the Greek grooms that are seen using their teeth to retrieve their wife's garter and throwing it out to the single men present to see who is the next lucky guy to find his other half and get married. A groom waits for his bride in front of the church. The shoe is checked again after the end of wedding reception. For example: The stefana, which may have flower embroideries, are linked with a ribbon that symbolises the union of two people into a married couple and are placed on a table in front of the bridegroom, along with the Bible, the wine and the rings. The newlyweds step on the iron ring. Rings are blessed and put on the right hand of both bride and groom. To be honest here, this ritual also serves the guests that have escorted the bride's car to the church. Who's Next? Just have fun You are attending a wedding. But besides that, arm yourself with a selfie stick, your biggest smile and best attire.

These almonds have an extra purpose for single people. At Zagora village, baklava was, and still is, a traditional wedding treat and its making is an important part of the whole ritual! So before planning a Greek Wedding make sure you are in shape to survive this crazy night!

Spitting, or really just making more of a spitting sound, is part of a group of talisman some Greeks retained from the old country, collectively known as apotropaic.

Greek weddings

The bride stands in the middle with her MOH to the immediate left and the female wedding guests hold hands and encircle the two.

Among the customs for the koumparos is the kaniski gifts and presents that should be given to the koumparos on Saturday night.

ancient greek wedding traditions

The wedding ceremony continues with the reading of the Epistle of St. And what do you think about these traditions?

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10 greek wedding traditions you might not know about