How to write a bank cheque in india

Note down the cheque number and amount paid along with the name of the Payee and the Date of issue. Make sure you do not leave blank spaces too large which can accommodate additional letters in between.

can we write account number on cheque

A: There are cases when a bank can reject your cheque request. Also a wrongly written date, like a wrong year or a month can often result in dishonour if the date is past 3 months.

Write to the bank along with the sufficient particulars for spotting the concerned cheque. Alphabets can be added and even numbers. Well, maybe. Q: How much time it takes for a cheque to clear?

Fill in the details and keep it handy to cross check any suspicious activity, future records, or possible fraud.

how to write a bank cheque in india

Scribbled or overwritten cheques offered to the bank are expected to be rejected. With several banks, the customers can ask for a special clearance.

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6 tips to write correct and safe cheque