How to write a screenplay for a silent movie

Examples of silent scripts

And if you are writing a script like an Aaron Sorkin movie, your writing is mostly going to be dialogue. You then must make sure that each little isolated moment has something special, something specific about it. I am just going to see a dude sitting at his desk recording his podcast. People are especially curious to study concrete examples of visual writing in established, produced screenplays. Is this a family? What we are going for are the greatest hits. A rocket ship toy on a top shelf. Relative to how many people will watch the finished film, hardly anyone reads the script.

How do they act and react? What are they wearing?

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Your formatting should exist to create the feeling of tone, of speed, of action, of the script. They would be reading for way less than the minimum wage if they were actually reading. The little boy pockets the batteries as well. No two screenwriters format the same way, and even two screenplays from the same writer are likely formatted quite differently, because the formatting that you are using is designed to communicate the feeling of the script, and certain scripts need to feel different than others. A lot of screenwriters are really terrified about formatting; they feel like formatting is this counterintuitive thing, this kind of grammatical set of rules by which they somehow have to abide. Carefully extracts one. And real storytelling happens not in the images themselves, but in the cuts in between the images. A sweater and slacks? And if you are writing a script like an Aaron Sorkin movie, your writing is mostly going to be dialogue. Is this a family? A wedding dress? Something that hooks us in. So, this is the weird thing about screenplay formatting: nobody uses proper format. And because of the extremeness of the concept, extremeness in the formatting is warranted. Formatting exists to help you visualize your script, to help you see your script in movie terms, and to help your audience see your script in movie terms.

Have you read a screenplay lately with a particularly compelling example of visual writing? But, if you just listened to my description of those pages, you probably found yourself feeling something.

But often, these are different from the people who really love to read, and in fact, most producers hate reading. If you are lucky, once it has been read by a coverage reader, your script is going to get passed on to a producer or a development executive, and a lot of these people are brilliant too.

Or have you written some awesome visual descriptions yourself?

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These people are terrified of noise. A page of your screenplay should be the equivalent of one minute on the screen, but not just the equivalent in its layout but the equivalent in its speed, in its processing.

Lauren McGrail, with Want to learn more about how to write a good film script? What set those scripts apart? They are brilliant salespeople, they are brilliant fundraisers, they are brilliant networkers.

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Vast and sterile? And you create that world with powerful visual writing. You just saw these two moments, one isolated image of the hands tipping the microphone, the second isolated image the mouth moving in the beard.

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