Influencing group communications

Unless the leader can see that an important angle is being neglected, this is the time to wrap up the discussion. Learning Objectives Examine the way teams develop and integrate norms, both social and performance based, in the evolution of the team dynamic Key Takeaways Key Points Social norms create expectations and standards for acceptable behavior by team members.

More common networks are the "wheel" and "web" or variations of these networks. The leader plays an important role in establishing the climate of the discussion. These researchers focused on the content and relational aspects of a message.

factors influencing communication skills

A group is not an interpersonal pairing of two individuals. This is the era when the concept of teams and teamwork became very popular.

One might believe, for example, that people are individuals who make their own choices based on personal beliefs and values. How would this suggestion affect some of the other groups in town?

It builds trust when the nonverbal messages sent complement the verbal ones. Statements like, "I hadn't considered it from that point of view before," act as reinforcers without committing the leader to the idea expressed.

Communication technologies such as e-mail, cellular telephones, and group support systems make it possible for groups to meet without being in the same place at the same time.

factors that affect group performance

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Factors Influencing Team Performance