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Always keep in mind that your resume is a very important career tool. Use a short sentence or phrase per bullet point. So these are two great traits to include. Highlight these skills in the strengths section and make sure to substantiate them with your work experience. Tip Not everything can always be blamed on you, however — obviously, external factors have a big impact on your performance. Educational Attainment. Think of it as QA for your career. Here are some tips to help you. Relevant courses are Computer Science and Information Technology. Despite this broadness, project managers have similar responsibilities: Managing, hiring, training, and firing Managing an establishment or product Ensuring timeliness of product releases Analyzing, projecting, and distributing budget items Harmonizing many moving parts of complex projects The resume on this page was written for a professional who managed a gym and a contractor construction company. It is important to show that you have skills that enable you to manage people effectively. Hiring managers do not have time to go over lengthy resumes. This will increase your chances of securing a position in the company. If you have any other questions about how to write a project manager resume, please ask in the comment section below.

Include a bulleted keyword section that is relevant to the type of job you are looking for. The candidate quantifies their achievements in several places in the above resume.

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Very good at the construction of all types. Educated yet down-to-earth and unafraid to get hands-on.

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Try it for free 6. Could you use some help testing it out?

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Do this next Not that you know the elements of a strong IT project manager resume, you can customize it with your own skills, experience, and honors. Just make sure the recruiter can get in touch with you as easily as possible. Start your resume now for FREE. Define technical requirements and document plans for project lifecycle deployment including the scheduling of project deliverables, budgets and timelines. Try it for free 6. Check the preferred qualifications of the jobs you are applying for and see how you compare. This allows you to include other relevant information such as volunteer work, internships and sports-team participation. Review the Job posting really well. Tip Check out our full list of project management skills for more ideas for your resume.

However you structure it, be sure to include bullets showing the impact you had in each position. She highlights both her attention to detail and her strong motivation.

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For example, maybe your biggest realization about project management came from reading a Harry Potter book or a classic Russian novel?

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Project Manager Resume Sample & Writing Guide (20 Examples)