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Within the study of the humanities the theoretical discipline that addresses the Jewish experience most directly is Trauma Studies.

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But the Egyptians mistreated us and made us suffer, subjecting us to harsh labor. As for those who insist on holding out for a more rooted and substantive view of Jewish identity, they will have to rely on the small handful of exceptions, or start to think about what it would be like to create a new Jewish museum in the first third of the 21st century. But for the museum, it does not, in any exhibition I have seen, offer a lens into understanding Jewish history or belief or practice. And here, for better and for worse, we can already see major differences between this and the typical identity museum. For their part, many Jewish American museums are more preoccupied with the freedom of Jews to become American than with the freedom of Jews to remain fully Jewish. Consider, to begin with, a museum that seems to have been consciously designed as a model identity museum: the National Museum of American Jewish History in Philadelphia, which opened in Abraham was the father of the Jewish people. Suspicion of trauma as a concept is surely awakened, however, when everyone wants to be included within the elite circle of the traumatised. Grievous sufferings are undergone, primarily because of racism and intolerance. What makes this tragic incident even more harrowing is that it is just one of many targeted attacks against Jews in Europe over recent years. First come Auschwitz and Darfur, then come Auschwitz and bullying. To put it still more bluntly: the Holocaust has no heirs. The room told an ancient story; a narrative that was preserved in the leather-bound seforim 15 behind me.

But what happens when the weak gain power themselves? The historical sections of the Hebrew Bible pursue these ends by telling more than the story of a family, a tribe, or a people. Not only do many of them mistake geography for history, but in valuing rocks over people they also turn a means—the conquest of the land—into an end.

Ancient sages and medieval martyrs were brushed aside and denigrated, their heroic place taken by modern-day pioneers and kibbutzniks.

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The building by Daniel Libeskind, with its twists and breaks and deliberately jarring internal passages, screams pain in deliberate and overly obvious allusion to the Holocaust.

Discordant historical facts seem only to get in the way: you have to watch brief films to get any historical background about serious problems in this long-term romance.

There are indeed differences in hashkofos between frum Jews and non-Jewish people, but because one group is Jewish and the other is not, there is a clear social boundary that justifies acting or thinking differently. The air was weighted with a musky feel, and the silver candelabra caught my eye, less for its ornateness and weight and more for the drops of candle wax that adorned and marked the solid wood cabinet beneath.

The Jewish people never want to forget what happened to their ancestors, what kind of jobs and tasks they were forced to do in their lifetimes.

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In the first and third periods, Jews were masters of their destiny. It is a discipline envious of the specifically moral advantages imaginatively extended to anyone who can lay claim to a significant wound; it is an envy of the wound as possessing the power to silence the demands or resentments of all others. Traditional museums celebrated the universal; new museums celebrate the particular. In , the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York received a gift of 26 artifacts that it displayed in its library; they became the seeds of the Jewish Museum, which after World War II would move into its current home in the Warburg mansion on Fifth Avenue. On the other hand, reflections by William E. I could easily point out the contrasting virtues of Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, where the horrors unfold with calm and precision—until they overwhelm—or the main exhibition at the extraordinary United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington. The most surprising thing for me at this one was, oddly enough, its similarity to Christian services and rituals. Guilt, for Sartre, is a marker of inauthenticity. In , the holdings became incorporated as the first Jewish museum in the United States; today its successor is the Skirball Museum in Los Angeles.

In both these genealogies moralising discourse is unveiled as the resentment of a particular group, and in both cases the Jews, whether as Hebrew slaves or as victims of the Holocaust, represent their private or group interests as universal ones.

And you are still left with only the vaguest notion of what Jews believed or how and why they survived.

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While other nations had to dig deep into the past to justify their national existence, Jews, the oldest literate living people, now seemed intent on anchoring their nation-state in a realm outside of their own history.

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