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Thesis chairs may consider exceptions if the work is obscure and unavailable, not in English, or otherwise unobtainable by the student.

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This could mean three things: 1 evidence of irresponsible, unethical or negligent behavior by the student, 2 evidence of when and how the committee conveyed their expectations to the student and when and how the student failed to comply with these expectations, and 3 measures that the committee has taken that were not successful in addressing student underperformance, such as referring a student to the JMU writing center following their own efforts to help the student improve their writing.

Kathy Schwartz to obtain more specific information.

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However, this section must specify in detail the methods the student will use to investigate the research question. The faculty advisor and committee members are required to provide students with unambiguous instructions and a clearly defined timeline for completing various drafts of the thesis, and to return comments on each draft on a timely basis. Kathy Schwartz to obtain more specific information. Biology and Biotechnology Majors generally do a project with a faculty member in the department of their respective Majors. The Department of History encourages its senior honors thesis authors to present their research at conferences. One purpose of these meetings is to oversee the project, i. The project advisor will serve as the committee chair and must be a member of the School of Engineering faculty.

By working in close relation with one or more experienced faculty members, students are also exposed to the collaborative nature of research activity, which is vital to doing innovative and productive science. Identify the materials used in the research and give information on the purity of all chemicals and reagents employed in the research.

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Biology and Biotechnology Honors projects are currently done through the same set of BIO courses though separate courses for each Major might be established in the future. This alternative includes a cross-disciplinary writing project that is done as HONORS and can be supervised by a committee of faculty from any part of the university. Where relevant, students should tie their findings back to the theoretical arguments and controversies highlighted in the literature review. The three course sequence takes places over a three-semester schedule beginning in the spring of your junior year. Students who start research with their faculty advisor earlier than the start of BIO A might be required by their advisor to complete the library research and proposal requirements for an Honors project in a BIO Research Literature course in the term prior to BIO A. The student is also required to produce a final thesis with the following: an introduction with literature review and statement of the problem, methods, results and discussion sections, and a bibliography with references that are properly formatted. This section should also provide details on data analysis, including statistical tests. The project advisor will serve as the committee chair and must be a member of the School of Engineering faculty. Changing Committee Members Sometimes situations arise that necessitate a change in membership on committees i. Contact the office of the department in which the project will be completed to enroll in A. It is appropriate in this section to use equations, figures, and tables to display your data. Proposals should be pages in length and include the format and information listed below.

Some students require a long period of time to identify a topic that is both interesting and doable. Some departments may require completion of one or the other project types. Once accepted, students are accorded all privileges of being an Honors student. Faculty advisors and committee members must have a PhD and be permanent faculty members at JMU, though others including Masters-level and term faculty can serve as additional committee members.

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This includes time spent in lab and group meetings. Students might also arrange with their advisor to do thesis research as a collaborative project involving one or more other students. A second important purpose of each meeting after the first is for the advisor and committee members to decide whether the student is making sufficient progress to allow their continuation in an Honors project. Students who need to travel to conduct research are encouraged to petition the Clive R. Start this process as early as possible. Decide whether to do a research thesis or a creative project and review the corresponding guidelines. It is particularly important to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, insight, and utility of current research on this topic, rather than simply reciting others' works. The faculty advisor must be a full-time tenured, tenure-track, or RTA faculty member; readers can be adjunct, part-time, or non-JMU faculty. Feel free to inquire if you do not hear. Alternatively, Biology and Biotechnology Majors working with faculty outside Biology and Biotechnology can choose to earn honors credits in other departments e. Students are required to notify the Honors office of their decision to use a journal format on the pre-submission form. Students must indicate on the Honors Capstone Project Application which of the project types they will be completing. The faculty advisor and student must also decide whether the project will be done collaboratively, and, if so, follow the guidelines at the Honors Honors College website go to the Handbook page and then Honors Project Info — Project Types for seeking permission from the Honors College and meeting other requirements. For normative theses, at least one chapter should focus on drawing reasoned conclusions based on the theoretical analysis of the question raised.

Under no circumstances can a faculty advisor assign a grade other than Incomplete for BIO C until the thesis has been completed, approved by the committee, and accepted by the Honors office.

The honors thesis coordinator will verify that each student's GPA meets these requirements before allowing them to register for each semester.

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Students who need to travel to conduct research are encouraged to petition the Clive R. The liaison will send an electronic copy of the final thesis proposal to the dept office for archiving. The readers are typically from the student's major discipline, but it may be appropriate in some cases to have one or both readers come from another discipline, possibly the student's minor.

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