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NCPB is also at the centre of a Sh. Since October last year, the government has bought maize worth Sh Out of this, Sh.

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Subsidized Fertilizer For Maize Production The scandal also involved subsidized fertilizer where cartels colluded with NCPB officers to re-package and resell it to farmers at exorbitant prices.

NB; Optimal yields are realized if the correct number of plants per unit area are grown. The herbicides are mainly grouped in two, pre-emergence herbicides e. Planting is best done within the first two weeks of the onset of rainfall in highlands, while in lowlands, maize is best planted before the onset of rain for it to benefit from the scarce rainfall in these areas.

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Inmore thanbags of maize with Sh. Only farmers in saccos and those who own large farms will qualify to get subsidized fertiliser, according to the Agriculture chief administrative secretary Andrew Tuimur.

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For instance, a high rainfall of mm, at times mm and can also adapt to regions receiving rainfall total of mm. Cobs are harvested by hand or by use of mechanized harvesters e. Altitude— the crop grows in a wide range of zones with altitude ranging from M ASL. Cold conditions extend the maturity period. In March, farmers from the Rift valley region accused NCPB of putting them through a long process of accessing subsidised fertiliser. Leaves also show marginal necrosis which extends to the midrib as infection advances eventually causing the leaf to die. It clears all types of weeds leaving the fields weed-free. Soil— maize crop prefers a well-drained light loam or alluvial soil with a pH of between 5. The officers were sent packaging for involvement with unscrupulous traders who repackaged and sold government fertilizer to farmers at high prices. Manure should be added especially for soils with little or no organic matter. Once this is verified and all the requirements have been met, a farmer is issued with a receipt waiting to receive money in the bank in two weeks time. Let us know if you liked the post. It will be done in three phases but pretesting will be done in Machakos County and piloting will be carried out in Kiambu and Kajiado Counties.
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