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And the pace of change seems to be gathering strength. They are changing so fast that we can hardly keep track of all the changes around us. Let the marriage bed be undefiled. We pray that none would be lost, that all would be preserved. Before jumping into the text, please note these two points about the context: 1 This story takes place before the fall. Getting married has become difficult these days. There is much more to be said about marriage, but we have come to a stopping place.

That is, the first marriage took place in paradise, in the Garden of Eden. Others are single, but not by their own choice.

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In marriage there is true equality and true difference. And despite the controversy and confusion, marriage endures as a human institution because there is something in us that craves the companionship of a husband or wife.

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We lift up all the marriages in our congregation and pray that each one might be strengthened. Thousands of people ask me : Can Numerology do anything to develop compatibility between two persons? Our marriages will not flourish unless we follow the divine blueprint. Cleaving means being glued together so tightly no force can tear you apart. It lacks responsibility that comes with marriage. A healthy, happy marriage is as close to heaven as we will get on earth. The current debate over same-sex marriage is not the problem. That is precisely what happened in Eden. There is much more to be said about marriage, but we have come to a stopping place. In modern context as the concept of marriage has evolved in the same manner there is a need to adapt newer and finer techniques of prediction with modern concepts but at the same time traditional techniques should not be ignored.

The second type of attraction, which is based on mutual understanding and respect has a better chance of lasting because it is built on inner hidden traits. Moreover, much information can be secured merely from a study of the sign positions of Venus and Mars in the two horoscopes.

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Note how God takes the lead in all that happens. Marriage is of supreme importance because it is the first institution created by God. And God is involved in all of them.

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Read the history of ancient Greece and Rome. We thank you for those who are single. Father, we thank you for the gift of marriage. This is especially important for those who have been divorced or are in a bad marriage now or have loved ones in a bad marriage. Adam recognizes Eve as similar but different v. It comes naturally, by simply excluding the element of hate or dislike from your surroundings. Strong magnetic attractions between opposites may however cause tension unless there is some sort of a compromise. The answer to the loneliness every man feels is one woman—given by God—with whom he can spend the rest of his days. As a matter of fact, no man was ever meant to find it in women in general or in one woman after another. God himself performed the first ceremony as minister, father and witness. And we thank you for husbands and wives who love you and who love each other.

Numerology has been believed to concentrate only with lucky, unlucky numbers, lucky days, lucky colours and gemstones. There are many causes, including materialism, secularism, greed, and rampant selfishness.

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Adam is flat on the ground, just beginning to awake from the divine anesthesia.

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Are marriages really made in heaven?