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He seems very happy.

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The fields of golden sunflowers in Italy are simply breathtaking. Family comes first, so I made the difficult decision-went back home. So I just acted as nothing had happened, and I promised him to come to the game to support him.

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Do Good, not Evil. What happened? Four months later during my mid semester break, I went back to school looking for him. It was my dream to further my studies at Princeton University. With all my love,. Drive or take the bus and visit an old aunty today.. Nothing beats enriching our lives with soul-feeding experiences. After a couple of days, I saw him at the cafeteria, sitting alone at the far end of the hall, deeply in his thoughts. Declaring your love doesn't make you weak but stronger. Stonehenge is magnificent and so is the Colosseum in Rome. Children know if you don't care.

Whatever you look like now, I'm pretty certain you are the best person you can be cos everyone gets old and then the bones start creaking and the skin starts becoming friends with gravity and a spare tyre is the norm. Dare to make that change in you by trying something new. Spend time with the people you love.

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Sing nursery rhymes with them. He said he wanted to thank me for giving undying support to him. I was part of them, supporting for someone from the top bench. Here's 10 lil gems from me. He refused it. If you don't love and appreciate yourself, no one will. Declaring your love doesn't make you weak but stronger. Is he still overwhelmed by his loss? Without needed to be told, the crowd went perfectly silent but I know everybody was eager and nervous inside. Play lego or dolls with them. Life if not just work, work and more work. But unfortunately, on the morning of the game, my dad called and told to come home. But can we ever return back time? Have a bbq or potluck with friends.

One day you might be able to afford a personal assistant to buy presents and send cards or flowers for you. Children know if you don't care. Feel it.

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Children need time - quality time and quantity time if you can spare it. However, I look at the picture carefully and tried to recall back my memory about the person. And if they don't, there is no crime in not getting married or having children.

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If you don't love and appreciate yourself, no one will. Anger, greed, envy, hatred

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