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I'm a ziplining guide who loves to make music on my guitar! Mark Walker 01 Feb 19 I can only say, this tour exceeded my expectations. You have to book this canopy excursion. I've guided over canopy tours - I just love ziplining!

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Children under 5 years old are not allowed to take the Canopy Adventure Tour. Your guides will demonstrate how to slide on the cables and will inform you of any safety procedures that need to be adhered to on the tour. It is really a canopy in nature. The weather can vary greatly in the Highlands Plateau, so be prepared for varying temperatures. I love spending time in the outdoors, especially tramping! I haven't felt an adrenaline rush like that, in years. Lovely crew, so friendly and even reassured me that the zip lines are extremely safe as I was a little nervous at first. Do you zip in the rain? Recommended in Canopy Tours. I then saluted my team telling them it was a pleasure serving with them. We couldn't rate this tour and experience any higher.

Two trained guides will accompany you and your friends for the duration of the tour and ensure the safety of each group whilst pointing out any interesting plants, birds or animals along the way. Whether you are a student of biology, zoology, botany, ornithology, or just someone who appreciates the beauty and wonder of nature, the zip line canopy tour, is a fantastic experience.

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So i decided to wake up at am today and get ready to leave for the canopy with my buddy from our contigent. The Zip lining was really beyond our expectations. I love swimming and spending time at our awesome lakes! We got to see the rain forest, from a unique perspective. I'm a zipline guide. Myself and my 2 brothers booked the zipline tour and all we can say is the crew was incredible and the canopy lines are super fun and safe. Hi, I'm Paul. We zip rain, shine, or snow! I enjoy mountain biking when I'm not ziplining! I've been at Canopy Tours since the day we opened! These guys were so friendly that they told us to join their patrol for the day and the even gave me a USA necker. The best part is requesting a quote is Free! The food was really good. What should I wear? Before you start your walk to the actual canopy platforms, the guide gives you specific safety instructions which we all appreciated because some of our group members wanted to chicken out but it all turned out to be great as we had a fantastic time.

The platforms are against spectacular cliffs which offer breathtaking views of the Ysterhout Kloof. Your South African canopy tour will begin with a safety briefing.

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