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To make money selling online courses, you need to spend money. Because online courses give students full control over their own learning, students are able to work at their own speed.

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Skillshare Disadvantages Earnings run through a royalty system. Treehouse Treehouse is a relatively new marketplace that believes in the democratization of education. You can quickly create course outlines, edit and reorder your steps with ease, launch your course, and generate sales in no time. You need a detailed vision of who your ideal students are and what they are interested in learning. The pro plan gives you access to bonuses, beta features, and downloadable content. But if you have no audience yet and want to test a small course on an existing audience, you can use one of the options below. Here are my picks for the best online course platforms. When creating your video content, keep in mind the material has to be at least 30 minutes long and contain five lectures. Learnable — Learnable by Sitepoint offers paid subscription access to an ebook library of content for computers and tablets, and nearly 5, videos lessons and associated code samples covering software-related topics — with quizzes and certification available. Your website should have an active blog with content related to your niche, which is search engine optimization SEO optimized.

IT and Software Development Udacity — Udacity offers courses with paid certification and nanodegrees — with emphasis on skills desired by tech companies in Silicon Valley — mostly based on a monthly subscription, with access to course materials print, videos available for free.

Skillshare Review: Final Verdict Skillshare is an up and coming online course marketplace with over 4 million students.


Skillshare is free for creating a premium course experience. Sponsored Schools 50 Top Online Learning Sites Online learning may not appeal to everyone; however, the sheer number of online learning sites suggests that there is at least a strong interest in convenient, portable learning options — many of which are study-at-your-own-pace. Open Yale Courses — Open Yale Courses OYC are free, open access, non-credit introductory courses recorded in Yale College's classroom and available online in a number of digital formats. Drawspace — If you want to learn to draw or improve your technique, Drawspace has free and paid self-study as well as interactive, instructor-led lessons. Big Data University — Big Data University covers Big Data analysis and data science via free and paid courses developed by teachers and professionals. While these enterprise offerings may be overkill for typical users, they are necessary for small to medium-sized businesses needing a robust training system for their employees or clients. Students follow along with the LMS software, take notes, perform exercises, and complete exams to test their knowledge.

The best online course platforms give you freedom: the freedom to spend more time teaching and selling, not getting stuck, or dealing with issues. Create your own Facebook Business page so that you can engage with your community.


They bill prices annually rather than monthly, and you can get started today with a full day money-back guarantee. This feature gives access to individual sections of the course at a time, helping students learn in the correct structure.

Ed2go — Ed2go aims their "affordable" online learning courses at adults, and partners with over 2, colleges and universities to offer this virtual but instructor-led training in multiple categories — with options for instructors who would like to participate.

Pluralsight — Pluralsight previously PeepCode offers paid tech and creative training content over 3, courses and K video clips for individuals, businesses and institutions that covers IT admin, programming, Web development, data visualization — as well as game design, 3D animation, and video editing through a partnership with Digital-Tutors.

While these enterprise offerings may be overkill for typical users, they are necessary for small to medium-sized businesses needing a robust training system for their employees or clients.

You need to produce the course first! The success of your course ultimately relies on the quality of your content and how well you can market yourself.

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Do they want to help grow their own business? Your students also benefit from this customized approached. They can help with that. It also has graded quizzes, custom completion certificates, advanced website theme customizations, and support for up to 5 admin users. This royalty system works for well established Skillshare teachers, as the more minutes watched, the more revenue share you receive. Try Treehouse today. Udemy Disadvantages There is intense competition with other courses. Bad audio is much easier to detect than shaky video, and you need a quality microphone for your course to sound excellent. I recommend you start by building an online course with Thinkific.

On the one hand, eLearning courses have become hugely popular by the simple virtue of being so much more convenient than traditional face to face courses. For example, Learnworlds will create your custom mobile app for your course and provide coupons and discounts to market to your students.

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