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If you are involved in the wide range of Chemical Processing Industries this would be a good read. Routing for flexibility can normally be achieved in the most natural routing of the pipeline from its origin to its terminus. This may cause the failure of a pipe support system or it may cause the damage or failure of a piece of equipment.

Piping Design for Hazardous Fluids Published in the June issue of Chemical Engineering magazine, this article touches on preventative design for protecting personnel, facilities, and equipment from the inherent risk of working with processes that contain hazardous fluids.

pump and piping system design

In a very high percentage of the time it is not the pipe that is the weakest link. The formation of bubbles leads to a loss in throughput and increased vibration and noise but the big danger is when the bubbles pass on into a section of the pump at higher pressure.

There is the basic mechanical vibration caused by the machines that the piping is connected to. Piping Design for Potentially Lethal Chemicals Published in the November issue of Chemical Engineering magazine, this article discusses essential elements of piping design that need to be considered when designing piping systems handling potentially lethal chemicals.

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Each extreme on the temperature scale and everything in between brings its own problems. Manufacturing and fabricating high purity components and equipment is a highly specialized field that requires technically qualified and disciplined personnel and procedures at all levels. It also makes sense to keep the run of pipework to a minimum by positioning the pump as close as possible to the fluid source. Increasing the wall thickness of the pipe is the primary method of compensating for increases in pressure. Not just of that specific line but for all other lines close by. This article discusses how to do just that. Expansion of pipe — All designers must understand that they need to treat a piping system as though it is alive. Six to nine months later it is finally commissioned started up and may operate at five or six hundred degrees. Small pipes result in larger friction losses, which means it costs more to run your pumping system. Use a differential pressure gauge across the screen to look out for any increased pressure drop before clogging problems arise. Piping Designer or Piping Drafter Any piping designer that has this type of training, this type of knowledge and then consistently applies is indeed a piping designer. Piping design is more than just knowing how to turn on the computer, how to find the piping menus and the difference between paper space and model space. Expansion loops — The designer needs to understand and be able to use simple rules and methods for sizing loops in rack piping. Much of this was with Fluor.

This discussion, while not covering solutions to every potential problem, is intended only to highlight some of the most common stress related factors and designer training needs. Designer Stress Training What does the piping designer need to know?

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