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Conciseness works against clarity and comprehensiveness. Information is delivered without mincing words and zeroes in on the subject 5. Grammatical Correctness. Contracting words is sacrilege because it takes away the dignity in words. They're usually semi technical and armed at a broad non specialist audience. If that happens, you lose your readers and you become less credible. Technical writing is meant to convey information and to persuade the audience. There is an air of authority, of credibility in the work. Unclear technical writing can be dangerous e. Descriptiveness Be as descriptive in distinguishing the technical product as you can. The New Components of Technical Writing Technical writer is increasingly seeing his role expand with all the latest technology available today.

Conciseness works against clarity and comprehensiveness. Support documentation usually is developed for the three common tiers of a support organization. Particular attention should be given to diction.

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Before you start to write, always decide what the exact purpose of your report is, and make sure that every paragraph, every sentence, every word, makes a clear contribution to that purpose, and makes it at the right time.

Write only when you have something worth saying and write as though you were performing a service that only you can perform. It is created for the benefit of the marketing arm of an organization, the program manager, and those people who must assess the business value of a particular system.

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It is created for the benefit of the marketing arm of an organization, the program manager, and those people who must assess the business value of a particular system. JUDGMENT- The quality information gathered and collected by considering its ampleness, relevance, simplicity and collaboration with the rest of the data. It is technically accurate in its use of specialized terms technical terms such as electromigration, charge, electric field, and scattering, whose meanings are based in the context of a technical discipline. Types of Technical Writing Technical writing can be broadly divided into the following kinds: Legal. Usually describes a theory or new development. Report Writing depends more on pacing, sequence, arrangement and connections to achieve smooth flowing, easy to read continuity. Both kinds of accuracy--accuracy of phrasing and accuracy of technical concept--are of first importance in science and technology writing. Point of view, e. To accomplish these goals it must be clear auccurate, easy to access and must be economical and correct. Use straightforward expression with summarized, simplified and well-organized information. Word Choice.

User documentation might include all or parts of user manuals electronic or paper-basedtutorials, frequently asked questions FAQson-line Help Files, installation instructions, work instructions, operational procedures, etc. What is the importance of technical writing?

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Without clear, precise writing that outlines the specifications and directions for use, products can become meaningless at best and dangerous at worst. Alred writes in the "Handbook of Technical Writing," "The goal of technical writing is to enable readers to use a technology or understand a process or concept.

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You can be thorough by 1 preparing a checklist or requirements in the planning phase 2 marking off each requirement as it is fulfilled 3 using the checklist again in the revision phase for a final check.

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