Recruitment and selection process in multinational company

In fact, the quality of the organizational performance depends upon the quality of employees which is determined by recruitment policies and practices in the organization. More important is which of the two common approaches the MNC takes when implementing recruitment and selection.

Stephen etal study shown that there are some significant behavioral differences between referred and non- referred workers, even though referred and non-referred workers look similar on most observable characteristics.

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The recent retrenchment of workers across many manufacturing industries and the death of many newly introduced products in Nigeria are the evidence of poor performance. In deciding as to how to staff the multinational organisation, the local HR manager should consider the nature, purpose as well as the length of the assignment.

APA Ph. Employee Referral Employee referral is the situation where the existing employee of an organization recommends an external candidate for employment in the organization. In an emerging economy like Nigeria business organizations are to advance modern recruiting and selection strategy that will enhance quality of service delivery due to the entries of multinational companies and the growth in communication technology which lead to the development of e-commerce.

Concepts of Selection Selection is the second step in the process of man power planning and acquisition. Domestic Drawbacks Recruiting for international postings at home or moving current employees abroad is sometimes unpopular in foreign offices. The higher the level of responsibility and longer the assignment, the more intercultural capabilities are needed.

Casio stated that recruitment and selection starts with a clear statement of objectives of the firm based on the types of knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics.

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Kokemuller has additional professional experience in marketing, retail and small business. The main objectives of the study are to examine the following. What multinationals look for when hiring? The end result of every selection process is divided into two classes as selected and not selected while the selected will move ahead for placement the later will be rejected. You must typically send company leaders into each new market to help develop the territory and hire managers and staff. The essentials and Prerequisites for Selection include picking individuals possessing relevant qualifications, matching job requirements with the profile of the candidates, using a multiple tools and techniques to find the most suitable candidate who is the most suitable of achieving success on the job. Some use a domestic-based philosophy by allocating home-market employees to lead and manage offices in other countries. Medical device group Boston Scientific employs more than 3, at its facility in Galway. Concepts of Selection Selection is the second step in the process of man power planning and acquisition. Multinational organisations can be staffed in a number of ways. It will earmark responsibilities of the proposed assignment that would be quite unusual in the home nation. This is especially true regarding expansion into a country where the U. Selection process in large organizations may be lengthy and will be wider for manufacturing organizations and differs from one industry to other depending on the task and competitiveness of the industry. Recruiting and selecting from a local talent pool also ensures consistency of language throughout the company, which may reduce communication errors. The study therefore, recommends that Organizations can make use of employment agencies in the act of recruitment and selection but should be open to disclose the job description and responsibility to them.

Reference Check Hiring Decision Reception: Whoever meets the applicant initially should be tactful and able to extend help, Employment possibilities must be presented Screening Interview: Courtesy interview as it is often called helps the department screen out obvious misfits Selection Test: Asses intelligence, abilities, personality trait, performance simulation tests and the tests administered at assessment centres Aptitude Test: potential to learn skills- clerical, mechanical, mathematical, etc.

Vancouver Ph.

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The main objectives of the study are to examine the following.

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So what do multinationals look for when hiring new recruits?