Research paper in illegal logging

The fifth trial took place on 8 th of November and was taken from the court of Dumitria.

causes of illegal logging in indonesia

Gathering non-timber forest products such as bamboo, rattan or resin has little impact on the protected area.

All payments are done on consignment, which places the bugadores at risk: if illegal timber is confiscated by the authorities they are not paid. Anti-corruption Research Center,Addressing governance and corruption challenges in schemes for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and.

The time-frame of the interview was this time only 20 minutes as the information was more condensed. It is now clear that the actors go from the lowest class to the highest class who guards their activities and manages to stop the major cases from going to trial.

The documents collected from the Courthouse represent illegalities committed in Cluj county especially in the Cluj-Napoca city radius. Additional qualitative data on perceptions on environmental legislation, fraud, and corruption was collected by Dutch and Filipino graduate students who worked under our supervision in different barangays along the forest fringe from to see Appendix for a list of student reports; available on request [Additional file 1].

Sometimes Agta are hired as surveyors Minter Financiers and middlemen claim exclusive extraction rights to specific areas in the forest, the so-called 'area-area' system.

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Deforestation and Illegal Logging