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The Old East Indiamen E. Logs and Diaries The library does have some copies of logs, letters, journals and diaries of voyages to Australia. Members are invited to display and operate their models at several public functions and venues around Perth. Teredo Books, Storytellers on board will recount the history of the Swan River from Noongar to Now with stories focussing on Aboriginal heritage, Dutch history and the arrival of Captain James Stirling. The construction team had to learn 16th-century techniques, such as bending planks by fire. All nails, or trunnels to give them their correct name, in the ship are wooden. Dover Publications, Ms Millman said the trunnels were given individual children's names on the original ship. Books: the Migrant Experience The books below explain what it was like to travel to Australia during the age of sail - the types of ships, route taken, food eaten, accommodation styles, descriptions of life on board and so on.

Scheduled events to other clubs are available to experienced competitors. The replica Duyfken is typical of the ships of Hartog's era.

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Our members have fully operational radio controlled yachts, steamboats and powerboats, either working scale models or built specifically for racing. Colonial Clippers Basil Lubbock. The Lake is available any other time for those who wish to test or practice sailing of their models.

The Dutch East India Company desired the spice from what is now Indonesia, and came to dominate the valuable trade.

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The adventure begins, stepping onto the gangway that leads to the main deck of Duyfken. Audio tours will be available for those who want them. This record series can also be searched through Ancestry.

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