Significance of bleeding on probing during periodontal exam

Variance components of gingival thickness.

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Journal of Periodontology ; 75 5 Received Jul 23; Accepted Jan 3. Journal of Periodontology ; 73 8 The clinical examination includes: The extra-oral examination, including the temporomandibular joints and lymph nodes.

Significance of bleeding on probing during periodontal exam

Individuals who smoke may have a decrease in bleeding upon probing due to the depressed gingival inflammatory response. The probe tip is putting pressure on the gingival tissues causing them to blanch compare with the color of the adjacent gingiva. From the local registration offices random population samples were drawn. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. If necessary, a new treatment plan or new maintenance requirements should be devised and clearly communicated to the patient. Tobacco should be avoided as tobacco can aggravate the bleeding gums. Indices to measure gingival bleeding. Due to the decrease in caries prevalence and the increased amount of maintained teeth periodontal infections are rising and are expected to even increase in future [ 31 ]. The effect of cigarette smoking on gingival bleeding. Journal of Periodontology ; 75 3 Its results should be compared to previous findings and they should be used to confirm the original or arrive at a new diagnosis.

Based on these data we present in this paper results on pocket depth and bleeding on probing status as outcome parameters for periodontal disease and to quantify factors which are associated with these conditions. There is evidence that periodontitis is a risk factor for other diseases.

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Earlier studies found smoking [ 45 ], diabetes mellitus [ 6 — 8 ] or other risk indicators, e. Journal of Periodontology ; 67 6 The goal of periodontal therapy is to achieve a degree of periodontal health that is consistent with the patient's overall health. Authored by: Dr.

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The probe tip may distort the gingival sulcus, but is unlikely to penetrate into the non-inflamed tissues.

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Periodontal Probing