Single spine pay structure in ghana

The teachers felt cheated. This pay system came to solely control the allocation of salaries and not to interfere with the grading system.

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Whether or not the jobs graded as Level 19 should continue at that grade level depends on job evaluation and grading decisions.

The chapter two of this research is devoted to the review of related literature which gives impetus to the study. In addition, inadequate resources and lack of legal instruments backing the Central Management Board and other appellate bodies responsible for its successful implementation accounts for the failure of the GUSS.

The Public Service in no uncertain terms deserves equitable and fair remuneration alongside peaceful industrial environment for productive work.

He reiterated organised labours position that in order to improve productivity, employers should first improve wages, adding, Employers should invest in training of their workers and pay them well.

Single spine pay structure in ghana

They risk dismissals when they show any sign of discontent with their conditions. So for example; a patient will go to a doctor with pains in the arms and fingers but an X-ray of the neck will be requested. The ultimate goal for the SSSS is to ensure equity, fairness, and transparency as well as enhance performance and productivity. Furthermore, he said, some workers also develop occupational diseases that eventually kill them due to the harmful physical conditions in which they work and the toxic materials they handle 28 He observed that the National Health Insurance Scheme NHIS was no doubt a comprehensive healthcare programme, arguing that Good healthcare delivery also thrives on health infrastructure. He said they were delighted that despite the undercurrents, there was relative calm at the Agency and wished the new Board well in its deliberations. Job Evaluation Comprehensive job evaluation across the public sector will provide the basis for equity in terms of pay in the public sector and long term sustainability for fairness in pay. Togbe Adom Drayi ,. Mahama indicated that 33 institutions were being migrated on to the single spine salary structure, which took off in July, last year. Yesterday, Ghana went through another ritual of celebrating May Day with a yawn.

Kofi Asamoahadded his voice to the call of the Vice President, saying, as we enter the political campaign season for the elections, we expect our political parties, the government, the National Electoral Commission and other stakeholders, such as our vibrant and varied civil society organisations and citizens of Ghana to exhibit maturity.

Despite these calls by the various groups, the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission are set to go ahead with its implementation of the Single Spine Salary Structure from tomorrow, July 1st.

This is because the original single spine structure offers the same grade for all workers. Asamoah admitted that workers in the formal economy receive take home pay that cannot take them home.

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Democracy and good governance should be translated into benefits and real improvement in the standard of living of the people. For those already enjoying it, they have tales of woes to tell about how the propaganda which greeted its partial, or so, implementation resulted in skyrocketing of prices on the open market and depleted real incomes.

The objective of these classifications is to group institutions together where with similar job description in terms of educational qualifications, skills and training to perform their work, in the first instance, or the institutional role is similar, i.

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Single Spine Salary Structure review ‘long overdue’