Sports figures and celebrities

They are the best. Next: This supermodel married an NFL superstar. But Romo proved a lot of his skeptics wrong by playing through an early season rib injury and rebounding from a couple of bad interceptions in a loss to the Detroit Lions—posting a career-best quarterback rating of The evolution of new media and social media, along with various technological advances and innovations over the past decade, has made it easier than ever for us to follow their every move.

The two kept their relationship under wraps and no one had a clue they were dating. Anyone who argues that is a dense hater. By comparison, some athletes have sought an off-field leadership role, particularly when their status as an athlete provides support to like-minded others.

Michael Phelps and John Krasinski From the neck up, these two look nearly identical. Similarly, golfers who perform poorly on the first two days of a tournament may miss the cut, and therefore wouldn't be around for the weekend when television viewership and exposure opportunities increase.

On the right, we have David Hasselhoff, a man who is notorious for talking a big game.

20 actors who were incredible athletes

Check out more of Geoff's take on sports and pop culture at popflyboys. Crosby has set numerous Penguins and NHL records while setting the new standard for offensive production.

When they do, relationships can be formed that make an ultimate power couple across two major industries. Phil Mickelson and Hugh Grant The resemblance is uncanny. The couple married in and have two children together.

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Influence of Sports Stars in Advertising