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An example would be America and China: In America the products of Coca-Cola almost reached maturity level, whereas in China there is a high growth potential, but the needs and habits differ.

Localisation reduces the benefits of economies of scale and location economies, and introduces additional efforts, such as research and development costs to create tailored products. One crucial thing that brings the prosperity to this corporation is a good business strategy which has four major aspects related to this content.

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Because of this, they can easily develop a marketing strategy. With regard to advertising strategy, Coca Cola Company has launched so many creative advertisements toward the audience through social media and television that it managed to acquire advantages from its major competitors like Pepsi.

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The company holds responsibility for global consumer brand marketing initiatives and manufactures and sells concentrates to bottling operations, ordinarily locally owned and not controlled by Coca-Cola Co.

The company uses this also as a Marketing tool by communicating to their customers that only they have the real Coke.

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In this kind of an arrangement, Coca Cola played the role of a wholesale supplier while the bottling plants served both as the manufacturer and the distributor Krishna, It is obvious that outsourcing, which is one of the core competences of Coca-Cola, has further built up the business in terms of both product developments and marketing communications at different regions. In addition, the centre of Science and Health in New Delhi in indicated that both the bottled water and soft drinks contained pesticides which may cause cancer and breakdown in immune system Centre for Science and Environment According to the market report in China Coca Cola company enters China market in , when China was in the period of planned economy, income was very low and the product was too expensive for Chinese consumer. The basis of a strong Marketing Strategy consists of a proper analysis researching all relevant factors. Why Cooperate With I. In spite of being completely different to the English variation, the Coke products are still recognised through similar appearance and integration. It has been alleged towards its acidity in the drink. This indicates poor succession planning practices.

Managing international business in China. With a large share of Chinese drink market, Coca-Cola were certainly attacked.

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Through this kind of an agreement the franchiser need not take the full load of running the business by providing working capital and the adequate manpower. This caused a disparity between the actual market needs and the material produced Yu, However, its competitors such as Pepsi, Jianlibao and Nongfu Spring have offered a lot of new drinks with varieties of tastes and functions. With the use of segmentation criteria, Coca-Cola will identify the target markets for the introduction of their new premixed alcoholic beverage, which is fundamental in creating a successful marketing plan. Last but not least, Coca-Cola can contribute to the sustainability through developing environmental friendly packages. The Coca-Cola Company not only employed this strategy but did a better job at it than the tobacco industry by picking better Similar Essays Coca Cola: Marketing Strategy Essay words - 3 pages , So a country with a young population would be a more interesting market for the company than a country dominated by an elderly generation. Advertising was an important factor in John Pemberton and Asa Candler's success and by the turn of the century, the drink was sold across the United States and Canada. An example would be America and China: In America the products of Coca-Cola almost reached maturity level, whereas in China there is a high growth potential, but the needs and habits differ. They are geographic segmentation, place of consumption, product type, and demographics.
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The difference of marketing strategy of Coke and pepsi in china