Sula character analysis of nel

Shadrack Shadrack is a strange resident of The Bottom. Sula, however, is not in awe of Eva. The grass is always greener, right?

Nel's character is never fully resolved for us because she doesn't get any closure.

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Sula grows up feeling guilty and unloved. Blackburn begins her article by discussing Morrison's first book, The Bluest Eye, claiming that because of the women's movement The Bluest Eye attracted more attention than it would have and that it was read uncritically because people were pleased with a new talent a While Sula loves the order of Nel's home, Nel "prefer[s] Sula's wooly house" Initially this statement appears to state that Nel wishes to become more of an individual, when in actuality it is only further proof that she is completely dependent on what others think of her. Nel and Sula When it comes down to it, Nel and Sula are equally devoted to each other. Sula, however, is not in awe of Eva. And the big, gray ball that appears right after she finds Sula and Jude together suggests that her psyche is more complex than we probably guessed. When her husband leaves her as a young mother, she goes away for awhile. When the one-legged Eva jumps from the second story of her house in order to save Hannah from burning, Sula makes no attempt to help either her mother or her grandmother. Early in the novel, she cuts off the tip of her own finger to protect herself and Nel from the vicious attacks of some white boys. As Sula dies, her thoughts are on Nel, and she can hardly wait to tell her friend that dying doesn't hurt.

In her absence, she cuts off one of her legs in order to collect insurance money to use to raise her children. It's easy for us to consider her the "good" one, the victim of her friend's betrayal.

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Many say she may have cut it off in order to receive insurance money so she could feed her children The trip is a turning point in her development. They appear, on the surface, to be the epidemy of binary opposites but this is in actuality their underlying bond.

Sula character analysis of nel

It is her symbolic rejection of the life that has been forced on her, largely by Eva. Nel's "me-ness," the qualities she vowed to hold onto forever, begins to erode when she marries Jude.

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There are many different theories about how she lost her leg. When Nel marries, she becomes the jilted friend who feels she must leave town to find herself. In she published her second novel Sula, and she has been writing ever since.

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Sula: Character Analysis of Nel