Teradyne corporation the jaguar project breakdown

In addition, he will be accountable for the successful integration of both sub-projects. I will compare the first one with the later to have a detailed idea about how both differed. As one of the engineers explained, "EV, for instance, works great if you know exactly what you need to do.

The tools provided visibility into the project. So, the team thought of adapting the product developed to AlphaTech requirements to compete with others and get to gain AlphaTech as a new and strategic customer.

When a new product is developed, there is a disadvantage of doing things for the first time without the guidance of past successful or even unsuccessful similar projects. In addition, the software team kept playing with the numbers to adjust the project plan, but the things done on the tool were not practical enough to be implemented successfully in the real life.

what value did adopting formalized project management tools provide to teradyne

Although some major decisions may still be vested in the functions, within certain limits the project team has authority to make substantive decisions affecting the project. The goal was not clearly predefined.

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Teradyne Corporation: the Jaguar Project Essay