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Thus, the concept of green manuring and composting came into being.

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Antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of cow urine. CU enhances the phagocytic activity of macrophages. Even when Dasgupta wrote his book in the early s , as noted by him, the crop yield per unit area of land was twice in China and three times in Japan, as compared with India. For cultivating jowar and bajra on dry land, 5 carts of compost manure is required for each acre. Study of the antimicrobial activity of cow urine and medicinal plant extracts on pathogenic human microbial strains. Urine is one of the products of a cow with many benefits and without toxicity. It is also possible to increase the profitability of the ventures by increasing the unit size and using current technologies, thereby generating wealth and employment. Then, when the useless animals are made useful in disregard of the exhortations of scientists and economists to slaughter them, and as these begin to pay their way, other very many blissful things will follow, if we stick to those sound, basic principles that helped to keep India alive inspite of our intelligent men themselves following and calling upon others to follow the lead of a dying, hungry, self-centred, monstrous machine-civilisation. Kunwarji Bhai Jadav, to collect information on Organic Farming, assess the appropriate techniques and technologies of such farming and setting up of standards. Healing yourself using urine; p. The National Commission on Cattle tried to ascertain the economics of these Goshalas to determine whether or not they could become self-reliant on the basis of the income from cow dung and urine. It sources its raw materials, primarily dung and urine, from cow shelters across the country. There is no coordination between these two Departments with the result that no properly conceived programmes are being developed for utilization of this invaluable and vast source of energy to meet the growing energy demands of the population. However, none of them claimed that the sale of organic manure and dung alone or their products has given them enough income to maintain cattle in their Goshalas.

CUD showed better antifungal activity against A. However, they felt that the two processes could go on simultaneously as both the types of manures were necessary for maintaining and increasing soil fertiity. Apart from these, large manpower is involved in livestock related activities viz.

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Antioxidant property of uric acid and allantoin present in CU correlates with its anticancer effect. Self-sufficiency through use of dung and urine of so-called useless cattle In India, because of the low per-capita availability of land, and also because of the skewed distribution of the available land resources, the crop-based rural economy needs to be diversified or converted into a livestock-oriented, mixed farming system for rapid economic development, income generation, poverty alleviation and providing employment to the rural masses.

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CU is the only agent of animal origin which acts as bioenhancer of antimicrobial, antifungal, and anticancer agents [ 30 ]. The urine meanwhile is distilled to remove any impurities. Influence of aqueous extracts of medicinal plants on surface hydrophobicity of Escherichia coli strains of different origin. Khan A, Srivastava V. Tenth Plan Proposals 9. PhD Thesis. Heat source - cow dung is naturally hot -compost makes hotter put in glass house to heat glass house or run pipes thru it to get hot water. The market price for any commodity can be manipulated i. The soap contains dried and pulverised cow dung, orange peel, lavender powder, and gooseberries, the company says. Cow Therapy as an Alternative to Antibiotic. Rana and De [ 28 ] observed a greater activity against Gram-positive than Gram-negative bacteria with CU obtained from Geer cow. Even an old bullock gives 5 tons of dung and 3, pounds of urine in a year, which can help in the manufacture of 20 cart loads of compost manure.

Interestingly antimicrobial activity has also been found against some resistant strains such as multidrug-resistant MDR Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae. CU has anti-Leishmania donovani effect Kala-azar in an in-vitro study [ 37 ].

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