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Eventually, a letter arrives from Nollie informing her that Father died in a hospital ten days after their arrest.

For you see, it was not only great and heroic leaders like Winston Churchill who saw Hitler and the Nazis for the evil they were and did something about it; it was the little people too, like Corrie and Betsie.

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The family, and the people who were helping them, are taken to the Gestapo headquarters in The Hauge. Meanwhile, Nollie becomes engaged to Flip, another student at the teaching school she currently attends.

In the evening, Corrie reminisces about her childhood and returns to the present time, reflecting that God uses all experiences in human life for a good purpose.

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He must marry for money and station rather than love. She tells us more about Willem, who was the only one of the children to go to college and had become an ordained minister. Gradually, Corrie regains her strength enough to sit through her hearings with Lieutenant Rahms.

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In May , as the occupation grows harsher, Peter is arrested for playing the national anthem in church. When the Nazi occupation came, the ten Booms discovered and joined an underground network of people helping Jewish people. They detain anyone who comes to the door, including customers. Three more permanent additions move in, a young man named Jop, a young lawyer named Henk and a teacher named Leendert. Elie Wiesel wrote a number of books about his time in Auschwitz, most notably Night , and later won the Nobel Prize for his work. Soon afterwards, Mama has a stroke. By way of summary, The Hiding Place tells the dramatic real-life story of a Christian family living in Holland during the Nazi invasion in World War II and how three of those family members—Corrie, her sister Betsie and their father Casper—along with a network of others, helped hide Jews from the grasp of the Nazis.

Corrie is able to carry out this wish after Betsie finally succumbs to her illness in the camp. The Gestapo come into the room and ask her her name, telling her to get dressed.

The hiding place book report

Corrie taken to solitary confinement where she is made to sleep on a cot on the floor. Willem explains to Corrie that the man escaped Munich after teenagers set fire to his beard. Father initially thinks that he can teach Otto tolerance but when Otto begins harassing Christoffels, the family friend, Father throws him out. Soon after, Corrie meets a woman who donates her house, Bloemendaal, as a rehabilitation center for Holocaust victims. It is the true tale of doing the right thing no matter the cost. The family gently delivers the news to the old woman, but she reacts with great calm and tranquility. Unfortunately, Father dies a short while after he is put in prison. The man, Fred Koornstra, agrees to help her re appropriate ration cards for the Jewish refugees. Corrie feels that her life is empty in the Beje. Lying is sometimes necessary for survival, however. Pickwick sends an architect to the Beje, who builds a secret room in which fugitives can hide, should the Gestapo raid the house. After communicating through letters for months, Corrie is devastated when Karel returns home with a new fiance. Corrie's own release comes shortly after because of a clerical error. Thanks for all of your research and persistence in helping us navigate through stormy waters. The ten Boom family were Dutch Reformed Christians living a quiet life, owning and operating a watch repair shop.

The sister, Cocky, tells the truth but luckily her nervous laughter makes the Officer think that she is making fun of him and he leaves. In one scene, we see a Nazi matron beating a prisoner.

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