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Freezer meals are also awesome! Because they're literally designed to showcase arts, museums almost always have very flattering lighting. Take a look through our sweet suggestions below.

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Massages can be kind of expensive, so this would be a great group gift. It's a lot of pressure, only to spend the whole time worrying more about how you come across to this new romantic interest, than how much you're actually interested in them as a person.

After my shower, I thought about it a little bit more, and here are a few gift ideas for second-time moms or third, fourth, fifth….

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So you'll look great the entire time. Prenatal Massage I got a massage when I was about 30 weeks pregnant, and it was absolutely heavenly! Before planning something like this, make sure the mom-to-be has enough freezer space. That can be a little trickier. Even some people on my staff started their careers by taking regular things they were already doing and simply charging for it. N e v e r take a first date to your true favorite bar, because if it's terrible, the bar will have a stink permeating through it for months to come. I really think every pregnant mom should get one. Here are some of our favorite hospital gowns you can buy! You bet. She may have had a large amount of space between her kids, or the items she got with her first baby were second hand. So borrow that little tip and use it on your second date to get to better know someone.

Demand Am I willing and able to provide this service? First dates don't really matter.

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Graduate from simply "grabbing drinks" to grabbing drinks and snacks.

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