The strength of god by sherwood anderson essay

Ironically, as the minister prayed for a greater power of God, he noticed Kate Swift's bare shoulders through his window. The minister stumbled from the Church and ran into the Winesburg Eagle where George Willard was working on a story. To preach, standing in the pulpit, facing hundreds of people, was always a hardship for him. He nearly freezes to death in the bell tower waiting for Kate on a winter night. Reverend Curtis is liked by all, but he wonders when the flame of the spirit would really burn in him. He breaks the glass of his window so he can see her and sits by the window in a storm. The religious symbolism continues with the kissing of the savior's hands and the use of the word "ecstatic". The stranger, an allegorical type of character, transforms the life of the girl who had earlier been ignored. He had realized how separated from the town he felt and decided the best answer was to go to a city, like Columbus, and find work where he would be more useful. It would have to be completely replaced. One day, he looks out the window of this room and is shocked to see the local schoolteacher Kate Swift in the upstairs of the house next door smoking a cigarette while reading in bed. A short while later, the Reverend Hartman runs in with his strange declaration about Kate's holiness. One has to doubt that the narrator who knows, or at least is willing to guess, what most characters are thinking does not know the name of Tom Hard's daughter or the stranger he befriends. On this particular night, the minister watches as Kate, instead of reading, throws herself naked on the bed and beats the pillow with her fists. His exclamation of this discovery to George Willard only confuses the impressionable boy who is trying to gain a firm understanding of the world and its complexities.

The Reverend's uncertainty about his sermons and his vocation itself shows his failing. Kate lives with her mother, Aunt Elizabeth, in Winesburg.

The strength of god by sherwood anderson essay

Her name, like her presence, is NOT important. She runs out, frustrated that he will not understand her.

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He even thinks if throwing away his chosen career and let-himself be pulled into the vortex of lust and passion. At first, he only wants to reach her troubled soul with his sermons, but he soon becomes obsessed with the image of her lying in bed.

Outcome - The outcome is that the Reverend is given deliverance, by God, and has been brought back to the right path. He cannot stop absorbing drink, filling himself with liquor.

This belief is a type of annihilating of his innermost self and deluding himself to believe in what he is saying. In very much a satire style, Anderson shows the minister make Kate Swift, the object of his lust, into an icon of the church so that he can be freed of his desire for her. Copy to Clipboard. However, Seth was determined to speak with her, only not about George. Hartman deliriously runs out of the church and into the Winesburg Eagle office to tell George Willard that Kate Swift is an instrument of God and that he has been delivered from sin. Curtis believed that he had been delivered. Anderson implies, however, that neither man really has an understanding of her; she is too complex to fit a role based solely on how she functions for others. The Teacher Much of this story takes place on the same night that the Reverend Hartman sees Kate Swift naked and praying. Seth believes the answer for him is away from a small town where people know him. He blamed his wife for being ashamed of passion. That day his speech is impassioned and strong.

Kunkle, Jenn. The room in the bell tower was bitterly cold but the minister sat and waited for Kate Swift to appear.

He is a successful but hardly inspiring minister without any particularly deep sense of faith. Hartman stumbles out of the church and into the street. He also notices her bare shoulders and white throat, and wild thoughts course through him. Reverend Curtis is liked by all, but he wonders when the flame of the spirit would really burn in him. One day, while she is seven years old, a drunken man staggers by the porch where she is sitting with her father. The Reverend was well liked in town because he was solemn and earnest, though he often wished he could arouse more enthusiasm among his parishioners. He wishes he were more excitable like Tom Willard or Abner Groff , men who are held up metaphorically by the narrator and recognized by Seth as models of outwardly passionate men. Finally, he gives in to temptation and sits by the window, waiting for her to arrive. This incident, too, is full of irony. He pleaded with her to be strong, to be better than man or woman, to be Tandy. Active Themes Reverend Hartman is quickly thrown into a dilemma over Kate. By tarnishing the face of religion in this manner, we further understand the broken archetypal patterns of modern man Anderson was commenting on. Seth is numb.
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