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There are certain security issues in wireless communication. Various restaurants and hotels provide WLAN hotspots to access the internet.

The stations that provide wireless routing are known as access points while the other components such as laptops, smartphones are wireless clients in the network.

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There are seven layers of OSI Model which are defined as follows: Physical Layer — This layer is responsible for transferring digital data from source to the destination. There are various applications of VANETs such as platooning, electronic brake lights, emergency services, traffic monitoring, etc.

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You could select a specific wireless system, present all the features of the same and go on to explain the various security concerns that could arise. Backup copies are also very useful in order to avoid data loss. Antivirus software, firewalls, and other such strategies help in detecting malware in the network. Malware Detection Information Security Access Management: It is a method of securing the network by granting access to authorized users the right to access the network. Honeypots are classified into two categories production honeypot and research honeypot. Network Layer — This layer checks whether the data has reached the destination or not by examining the source and the destination address. IEEE is further subdivided into 22 parts covering a wider range of services.

In a symmetric key, both the sender and the receiver share the same key for encryption and decryption. Presentation Layer — It looks after the syntax along with encryption and decryption for the application layer above it.

There are various sub-processes under it which you can explore while working on your thesis and research paper.

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It detects, deflects and counteracts the unauthorized use of information systems. Firewall: Firewall has been discussed above. How to avoid being affected by malware? In this devices follow certain security standards.

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There are a few options for you to assure the security of your network, such as using software tools or even getting disconnected from the Internet. This is a topic wherein you would have to present the various advancements that have introduced over a period of time. How to avoid being affected by malware? Honeypot: Honeypot is another security mechanism for network security. A malicious individual can attack the network through ad hoc networks, non-traditional networks, network injection, caffe latte attack. We cannot conceive our devices without some sort of connectivity, we need to share data. Read more in order to find out our to-ten topics on this subject. Writing a clear thesis statement on the same might be a completely different story. The future of network security in the next few years. This technology mainly finds its applications in road and vehicle safety. Research on this topic in order to come up with appealing conclusions. Hole Punching: It is a computer networking technique that uses network address translation NAT for establishing the direct connection between the two parties.

The security of the Internet of Things IoT. Antivirus software, firewalls, and other such strategies help in detecting malware in the network. This process was added to secure the confidential information that is transferred through the network.

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Network Security Thesis