Thesis office deadlines

All students must be registered and pay fees for the term prior to degree granting. Registration Status In order to submit a thesis for examination, the student must be registered in the appropriate degree program.

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The thesis must be submitted no later than p. As there are hundreds of students with this same final clearance deadline, this deadline is firm.

It is recommended that as soon as the oral defense has occurred successfully, the final exam data should be posted simultaneously to GIMS by the department, and the student should promptly submit the thesis to the Editorial Office for review.

This date only applies to thesis and dissertation students who have successfully met the First Submission deadline previously. Most students complete all requirements well in advance, to ensure they do not face the chance of not graduating during their intended term of degree award.

For this reason, we recommend submitting the document no later than 3 business days prior to this deadline. The final thesis deposition signals inclusion on the graduation list.

If the initial thesis submission and final thesis submission is not submitted in the same term, students in thesis programs will be registered in Thesis Evaluation status for all subsequent terms after the term of initial thesis submission until the term of final thesis submission, according to the table below.

Meeting the initial submission dates does not carry any guarantee regarding graduation. Should you receive this error message and have submitted your degree application more than 1 business day ago, please forward a copy of your current degree application, along with your PDF thesis or dissertation document, to the Graduate School Editorial Office via an email to gradedit aa.

Thesis office deadlines
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Editorial Deadlines