Thesis on service delivery and customer satisfaction

Customer service is one of the organizational processes which companies perform considering the growing competition and for attracting entrepreneurial opportunities for increasing profitability and better access to the market and increasing the customer satisfaction and loyalty level Calif, A stratified sampling procedure was used for this research.

As a result, civil service reform program has been mainly necessitated by the proclamation no.

customer satisfaction case study

Thus, civil service reforms are continuous processes and always need studies. Some of the theories are discussed below.

service quality study

The Dissonance Theory This theory implies that an individual who expected a high-quality product and gained a low-quality product will distinguish the difference, and their knowledge leads to a cognitive conflict. Chapter Five consisted of the summary, conclusions and recommendations drawn from the findings of the study.

Most importantly, organizations go out of business when they lose consumers customers. According to Newby and McManus excellent quality of customer services is based upon not just the knowledge and skills of the individual but also upon the way that the organization as a whole, from top management downwards, pull in the same direction and presents a clear, positive message to customers.

Service quality study

In the period of Derge from to , the civil service endured through insignificant changes for 17 years. However, the study covered geographically one Town i. Notwithstanding the keen competition, all needs supermarket has been able to keep their heads above the competition due to their outstanding pedigree of excellence in providing customer-oriented services and still willing to improve on quality service which they think could lead to customer loyalty. D Candidate in AAU , to his support and advice starting from the proposal up to the thesis work. On the other hand, if the result matches the anticipation, verification occurs. Berman and Evans defined the store image as the functional and emotional mix. What are the impacts of service quality on the loyalty customers of All Needs Supermarket? Finally, the study would come out with recommendations which when adopted and implemented would help fashion out policies to address the deficiencies and pitfalls in the service delivery which consequently translates to customer loyalty. Since, service quality is an important factor in customer satisfaction; this study is basically conducted in Kiribati so that the level of satisfaction can be described allowing an airline and airport management to fully recognize the deficiencies of their service quality. Interview, close ended questionnaires, FGD employed for data collection.

Hence, the unwillingness of the respondents to give information spontaneously and about cycles to get information challenged the researcher. In addition to this, the theory deals with the design of the contracts. The main research objective of the study was to describe the level of customer satisfaction with the service delivery of both the domestic airline and local airports.

In addition to the above problems, All Needs supermarket environment appears to hinder effective shopping.

customer satisfaction case study
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Chapter 1 thesis Customer Satisfaction