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Inan invisible cloud of carbon dioxide traveled down a volcano in Africa asphyxiating 1, people and 3, cattle. If it does erupt, how would it wipe out the population on Earth? Helens and Glacier Peak. Authored by: vele In shallow water, active volcanoes disclose their presence by blasting steam and rocky debris high above the ocean's surface.

DNA profiling has many uses, both positive and negative, in our society. Volcano Essay Words 1 Pages e is a major volcanic eruption in the world, you'll see a slew of newspaper articles and nightly news stories covering the catastrophe, all stressing a familiar set of words -- violent, raging, awesome.

Their destructiveness has claimed the lives of On the other hand, there are also benefits of living near the volcano. It has an estimated volume of 9, cubic miles and takes up half the land of Hawaii. In most of the research I have done and completed, this supervolcano has a lot of controversy behind it.

Not only do stratovolcanoes have greater pressure buildup from the underlying lava flow than shield volcanoes, but their fissure vents and monogenetic volcanic fields volcanic cones also have more powerful eruptions because they are often under extension.

The picture shows overflows of a main lava channel. For instance, the eruption of Eyjafjallajokull in Iceland in released large amount of ash plumes, which contained tiny particles of rough glass, sand and rock.

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Precious metals that are often found in volcanoes include sulfur, zinc, silver, copper, gold, and uranium.

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What are some good things that volcanoes do?