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Carter ran onto exposed ground to pull the almost lifeless Mace to safety. In , his family moved back to Spokane, where he graduated from North Central High School in The battlefield Carter is the second Medal of Honor recipient from the Battle of Kamdesh, one of the few fights in Afghanistan to catch the attention of the American public. Six years later, Carter returned to military service when he enlisted in the U. His parents will be there too, along soldiers from his Army unit and from past medal-worthy battles. Ty Carter sits in an observation post halfway up the mountain near Combat Outpost Keating, in Nuristan province, Afghanistan, in It would be in the middle of his family vacation — he had promised them a trip to Crater Lake. He watched two friends die in the early assault and two more die trying to support his position. Army Staff Sgt. He agreed to take a detour, to stay within cell-phone range a few hours longer. Army photo by Staff Sgt. I just felt sad. Photo courtesy of Ty Carter.

Afterward, Carter again ran through enemy fire, this time to retrieve a radio from a fallen soldier, in order to notify their command that the defenders were alive, and that Mace was wounded and in need of medical aid. Photo courtesy of Ty Carter For yourself, do you view the Medal of Honor, as a privilege, a burden, an honor?

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He had to make two trips — out to stabilize the fallen soldier, back to coordinate cover fire with Larson, out again to drag Mace across the kill zone back to relative safety.

On 3 Octoberthe outpost came under heavy attack and Carter, then a specialistdistinguished himself in what came to be known as the Battle of Kamdesh.

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After his enlistment,Carter enrolled in college and studied biology at Los Medanos Community College in California where he met and began dating April Ait in early Six years later, Carter returned to military service when he enlisted in the U.

And how do you feel about that. I was supposed to travel, make appearances, and speak about the firefight.

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Or a mix of things? For that, I owe him my life.

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Ty Carter Awarded Medal of Honor